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Gloucestershire education providers have joined together to simplify higher and degree apprenticeships for you. Take advantage of increased productivity, competitive advantage and a highly skilled workforce today.

Business Event Friday 15th April 2016

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships for large employers in Gloucestershire - 8.15am – 11.00am

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships for SMEs in Gloucestershire - 1.15pm – 4.00pm

Higher and Degree

Higher and degree apprenticeships are the best combination of on-the-job training and studying for a higher level qualification available. The government recognises that work-based learning at a higher level will drive economic growth and productivity, and make the UK more competitive globally, so funding is available, making your training and development budget stretch that bit further.

Higher and degree apprenticeships will deliver immediate impact for your business, from attracting and retaining a talented workforce, to realising the benefits from bespoke projects tailored to the needs of your organisation. Make your business more productive and more competitive by investing in the higher level skills you need.

What is a higher or degree

Higher apprenticeships are like the apprenticeships we're all already familiar with. They combine learning in the workplace with learning 'in the classroom'. There are lots of learning options available included traditional classroom sessions, online and blended approaches. Higher apprenticeships start at 'Level 4' which is the equivalent to a first-year undergraduate degree. There are no formal entry requirements but generally we'd expect learners to have a level 2 qualification in English and Maths (GCSE equivalent). It's important that the learner is working in a relevant role as this experience is critical to applying their new knowledge. A study by ICM Research revealed that employers in England rate qualified higher apprentices as 25% more employable than those that took an alternative route into work.

Degree apprenticeships are practical, vocational degree courses which allow learners to combine both the academic study from a traditional university degree and the practical experience and wider employment skills vital for career success. Degree apprenticeships start at 'Level 5' and add professionalism and credibility to your workforce.

Higher and degree apprenticeships combine knowledge with the skills, behaviours and attitudes that you need within your organisation. Your people will grow and develop, and so will your business.

What is the apprenticeship 'in'?

The ThinkHigher providers offer a wide range of higher and degree apprenticeships and new programmes are being developed all the time. It's definitely worth a conversation to explore what's right for you and your team. As a starting point, the table below shows the programmes currently on offer in Gloucestershire.

Higher apprenticeship framework name Framework number Levels Education providers
Cirencester College Gloucestershire College SGS College University of Gloucestershire
Accounting 454 4  
Advanced Diagonistics and Management Principles 627 4      
Advanced Manufacturing Engineering 550 4    
Advertising & Marketing Communications 586 4    
Agriculture 528 4      
Banking 590 4      
Broadcast Production 610 4      
Broadcasting Technology 605 6      
Business and Professional Administration 620 4  
Business, Innovation and Growth 581 5    
Care Leadership and Management 584 5  
Construction Management 612 4,5,6    
Contact Centre Operations Management 619 4      
Criminal Investigation 614 5        
Digital Learning Design 636 4        
Engineering Environmental Technologies 604 4      
Express Logistics 577 5        
Facilities Management 501 4,5        
Fashion and Textiles: Technical 585 4      
Furniture Manufacturing Technician 635 5        
Health (Assistant Practitioner) 602 5    
Hospitality Management 580 4    
Human Resource Management 574 5      
Information Security 611 4  
Insurance 589 4  
Intelligence Operations 637 4        
Interactive Design and Development 622 4    
IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professionals 418 4    
Jewellery, Silversmithing and Allied Trades 629 4        
Legal Services 565 4        
Life Sciences and Chemical Science Professionals 563 4,5        
Management 487 4,5
Mineral Products Technology 593 4,5        
Power Engineering 600 4      
Professional Aviation Pilot Practice 615 6        
Professional Development for Work Based Learning Practitioners 591 4,5      
Professional Services 575 4    
Project Management 573 4    
Public Relations 572 4        
Recruitment 594 4        
Retail Management 608 4      
Social Media and Digital Marketing 579 4  
Supply Chain Management 566 5      
Sustainable Resource Operations Management 535 4        
The Water Industry 454 4        
Since 2010, there have been over 2 million apprenticeship starts in England
19% of advanced apprentices progress to Higher Education
Higher apprenticeships are available in 40 subjects
90% of apprentices stay in employment after finishing their apprenticeship (includes 2% self-employed)

Your local partner

The further and higher education providers from ThinkHigher are working together to ensure people in Gloucestershire have clear progression routes for their learning. We want to make sure the workforce in Gloucestershire has the skills needed for county-wide economic growth and employers can recruit locally. As education providers we draw on our track-records of experience, expertise and excellence and will work with you in partnership to ensure your business excels and your people reach their potential.

Apprenticeship progression
What level of apprenticeship is right for your vacancy?

Work role Suitable work role with opportunity for on-the-job skills development Some additional day-to-day technical or management responsibility Manager or technical specialist with more responsibility
Level of study Level 2
Intermediate Apprenticeship
Level 3
Advanced Apprenticeship
Levels 4-7
Higher and Degree Apprenticeships
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www.thinkhigherglos.co.uk or www.findanapprenticeship.gov
Current position At school or college and considering an apprenticeship Any age, employed or seeking employment, in training or seeking training

Business Event Friday 15th April 2016

The event will take place at The Growth Hub, Oxstalls Campus, Oxstalls Lane, Gloucester, GL2 9HW

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships for large employers in Gloucestershire - 8.00am – 11.00am

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Hear from experts, see how other employers are making Higher Apprenticeships work for them, pose your questions to an experienced panel and receive one-to-one advice.

Higher Apprenticeship Employers

Case Studies
South Gloucestershire Council

Leadership and management higher apprenticeshipEmployer: South Gloucestershire Council Education
Education Provider: South Gloucestershire and Stroud College

Jamie-Renée Cooke, 21, started her two-year Level 4 leadership and management higher apprenticeship with South Gloucestershire Council and South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (SGS) in 2015.

Working full-time at the Council's Yate office, Jamie carries out college work for the apprenticeship in her spare time and a tutor meets with her every two weeks for a one-to-one session.

George Kousouros, Community Enterprise Officer and line manager, said:

"Apprenticeships are very rewarding for both the employees and the employer. For us it is fantastic to have enthusiastic young people join the team to offer help, support and fresh ideas, and for them, it provides the perfect opportunity to gain experience and qualifications while getting paid."

Jamie, who works in investment and business support, said:

"I didn't want to go to university, because I knew it wasn't for me, but I wanted to continue to learn, so the apprenticeship seemed to be the perfect option. For me it gives me fantastic on-the-job experience alongside the qualifications which will help me to progress my career."

Matthew Toms - GE Aviation

Engineering higher apprenticeshipEmployer: GE Aviation
Education provider:Gloucestershire College

Matthew Toms, 24, from Cheltenham is studying for his BEng degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering at UWE after completing his FdSc degree in Aerospace Computer Systems at Gloucestershire College, whilst working at GE Aviation Cheltenham.

Engineering Resource Development Manager, Clive Arnold, said:

"Taking on higher engineering apprentices both addresses ageing workforce issues and ensures current knowledge in new technologies at GE Aviation. Our apprentices contribute very positively to the business in every aspect, growing constantly as their knowledge, confidence and experience quickly increases. This new generation of engineering technicians and incorporated engineers is providing a flexible, talented and motivated workforce that will lead us into the future."

Matthew said:

"After completing the first year of a physics degree at university, I decided not to continue, having learnt that this was not the best option to get a job in engineering. A higher apprenticeship offered me a balance between learning and working; I have spent time on projects in both the business areas at GE Aviation Cheltenham (power and avionics) and worked in state-of-the-art labs. The lecturers at Gloucestershire College were always supportive of my apprenticeship and in the longer term I hope to make the most of GE being a global company and work at different GE sites around the world."
Bray Leino

Apprenticeship Level 4 Higher Advertising and Marketing CommunicationsEmployer: Bray Leino (Creative Agency)
Education provider: Cirencester College

Natalie completed her apprenticeship in September 2015 after already completing an apprenticeship in Business and Administration.

"After completing my business administration apprenticeship I wanted to further my career opportunities and open up the door to marketing. The most enjoyable thing about being an apprentice is having the opportunity for hands on work experience as well as learning the theory, you need to make sure you can carefully balance the two. With all this knowledge I hope that I can make the most of my career opportunities at Bray Leino"

Bobbi Cooper Company Bray Leino (Creative Agency)

Bobbi has also recently finished her Apprenticeship and is now working full time at Bray Leino.

"I didn't want to continue in education and wanted to pursue a career in something I thought I might enjoy, which I did, immensely! The best thing about my apprenticeship was the responsibilities that I was given as an employee and actually gaining an insight into the company. An apprenticeship is really challenging as you are learning new things everyday, although you can make mistakes along the way, I believe this makes you better at your job. In the future I would like to become a Account Manager with Bray Leino"